Being the oldest cigar factory in Nicaragua, we’ve discovered many relics from our past. For this reason, we want to find all of the treasures that may be scattered around the world, and bring them back to their home. In turn, we want to give consumers priceless pieces of history from our factory as well; win win.




A special JDN committee will choose three winners who will be given one of a kind prizes. We will  stop receiving submissions on October 3rd and announce the winners on October 16th through our communication channels. 


First Place

A signed copy of the Joya de Nicaragua 50th anniversary book, a unique recount of the history of the Nicaraguan Cigar Industry and tale of the history of the oldest cigar factory in Nicaragua  (Only 500 copies printed in the world so far) + Signed Cigar Mold from the JDN Factory + Two promotional Pieces + Three Nicaraguan Handmade Products


Second Place

Special Cigar Box with Promotional items inside (*no cigars are included in this box as we cannot give out cigars for legal reasons) + Signed Cigar Mold from the JDN Factory + Three Nicaraguan handmade products



Third Place

Humidor + Signed Cigar Mold from the JDN Factory + Two promotional JDN Items + Three Nicaraguan handmade products


how to win

You must complete all three steps to be eligible to participate. Preference will be given to the most unique and older relics. 


Step 1

Make sure you like our page on Facebook


Step 2

Sign up to our Newsletter

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Step 3

Send a picture of your JDN memorabilia to

*Keep in mind that if your item is chosen, you will need to mail it to us.  But no worries, you will get an email back from the JDN team explaining all the details. 


Frequently Asked Questions


So, I need to send in my item? 

Yes! The purpose of the contest is to find all of Joya de Nicaragua's relics scattered around the world to bring them back to the JDN factory in honor of our 50th anniversary. 

Who will take care of shipping costs? 

Don't worry! If you are one of the lucky winners, Joya de Nicaragua will take care of all of the logistics of shipping your item. 

When does the contest end?

We will stop receiving submissions on Wednesday, October 3rd. Winners will be announced on October 16th. 

What will you do with the TREASURES YOU RECOVER?

In addition to the well deserved credit each treasure will receive, we will place them in a special area in our factory, for display for all visitors and factory collaborators can see. 

Unfortunately no, you can only become eligible to win one of our three prizes. 

Will I get paid for my items?